Gynecological Issues

The pelvic floor is a complicated structure made up of a combination of muscles that support the pelvic organs while also forming the birth canal and urine and stool channels. Muscles that are either weak or too tight might cause problems with the pelvic floor. Our Integrated Treatment Model helps us restore the health of the pelvis and the internal organs in most Gynecological disorders.

In 80 percent of women, a structured treatment program to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is beneficial in reversing symptoms. Neuromuscular stabilization treatments, abdominal strengthening exercises, and internal manual therapy are the most common techniques used. These treatments, when used in the order established by our Integrated Treatment Model, ensure that pelvic floor muscle fitness and organ motility are restored.

Visceral osteopathy, trigger point release, myofascial stretches, and neural mobilization are all techniques we employ frequently.

We concentrate on restoring full gynecological vitality.