When Dhriti came to us after 3-4 years of suffering from chronic pain in her legs attributed to multiple factors essentially long working hours, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and multiple injuries to the knee. The swelling and excruciating pain in her legs was taking a toll on her overall wellbeing. Thereby affecting the quality of life and causing sleeping disorders, headaches, and restricted mobility.

Through the years after consulting man orthopedic and physiotherapists but none were able to provide the correct diagnosis to treat the root cause. Looking at her deteriorating medical condition Ms. Dhriti’s husband finds out about Dr. Isha from the raving reviews online.

They both came to Dr. Isha with high hope of being diagnosed accurately and seeking the right treatment. The first consultation was very productive and they were assured that they were in the right hands. Dr. Isha was so accurate in her examination that she nailed the root cause which was a mix of inter-related medical issues stemming from stress, bad posture, low physical activity, and neurological issues.

A month after we started the treatment and halfway through the treatment Dhriti started to feel much better with a visible difference observed by her family and friends. The holistic approach he treatment and counseling truly helped her recover at a fast pace.

This was what Dhriti had to say about her experience at EEZ Align, “The clinic ambiance and aura is very serene and radiates positive energy and vibe. Dr. Isha is “truly gifted”…her care, compassion, and competency are well appreciated. I wish I had found her years back.”